Who We Are

CAPCOR Retail Solutions is a group of companies that serve the mass retail industry. We have been providing our products and services to industry leaders for over 40 years.

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At CAPCOR Retail Solutions, we recognize the importance of environmental sustainability as a core component of our success. We are constantly searching for new and improved methods of energy and water conservation, as well as packaging and waste reduction. We believe in leaving a small footprint.


CAPCOR Retail Solutions continues to set the standard for inovation and technology across the retail supply industry. Our products offer new and improved solutions to old problems. We help our customers rise above their competition with more efficient and cost effective approaches and products.


We are committed to offering top quality products backed by exceptional customer service. Our team is trained by the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Our products and services are of the highest quality available.


We believe the biggest contributing factor to our success has been offering the highest quality product at a fair price, backed by the very best service in the industry. We view each customer as a partnership that we plan on keeping for a lifetime.